Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm back...I think and Swap info

OMG...I am sorry for being away for so long but there has been craziness going on. So my husband and I had this trip all planned out to Nashville, and had been planning it for a while. Well wouldn't you know that we got caught in the flood and were evacuated. We spent several days getting all of our stuff and ourselves out of Nashville. I will post pictures later. Then I had to prepare my students for the big state test that they have to take at the end of my class. Which doesn't really happen at the end of the school year. BAH! My mom is having surgery on Monday because they finally figured out what is wrong with her and she has had all of the pre-op tests and other things. Thank goodness they figured out what is wrong with her. Then some how in spite of my efforts to not sign up for a lot of things this month, I ended up with 5. Double BAH!

Anyway, to the two ladies that signed up for my tag swap...I'm still game if you are. We would only need to make 3 and then you would mail two to me and I'll mail two back. Hope that makes sense. Unless you want to try and make more...I'll leave it up to what you all would like to do. I'll need you to either leave a comment or email me at, about whether you are still in and if you want to try and make more than just 3. Maybe we can push the due date back to the end of the month...that way we have some more time. I would really like to do this swap. Maybe if we do it again we can get more people.