Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm back...again

Whew! What a crazy summer it's been. I am sorry for being absent for so long but my poor mom has had a rough time. So after they attempted the one procedure, they realized they were going to have to do the major operation. After that was scheduled, they had to move her surgery up by two weeks. We were all kind of caught off guard...I know I was at least. I had all these plans to get different scrapping stuff finished but no dice. The surgery went well and the doctors were all pleased with the healing process. There were lots of other issues though.

She was in the ICU for about 5 days longer than she needed to be because of the type of pain meds they had her on. She completely out of it and saying things that didn't make any sense. She finally came home the first time after about 10 days in the hospital. She was home for about a week and then she went back to the emergency room due to some weird pains in her side and was admitted again for about a week. We got her home once again for about 6 days and then had to take her back to the hospital. This time because she had lost about 5 lbs. since being home because she just couldn't eat anything. She had no appetite or desire to eat.

Since the beginning of the illness she's lost about 25 lbs. This time the doctors tried numerous things to try and get her to eat...mostly appetite stimulates. They sorta worked. She's also had a feeding tube down her nose and throat for about a month now. This is how she's getting most of her nutrients. She spent about a week in the hospital and has been home now for about a week and a half (I've sort of lost track of time - just started measuring time by her being in the hospital or not in the hospital). She is eating more now and seems to be maintaining the weight. She isn't eating enough to gain any weight but she has at least not lost a significant amount.

I was finally able to finish the mini for Lilly. I also managed to get the tags out from the swap that I hosted months ago. I will be hosting another one for the month of August. Hopefully will not have the same issues that I had with the last one. We did get to remodel our kitchen. My husband had to do all of the prep work due to my trips to the hospital. I did manage to help out with the painting and installing the floor. Painting the kitchen ended up being no small task but we'll talk about that later.

School is about to start soon. I think I have a week and a half left. Basically this whole summer is gone and I don't know where the time went. I have some videos and pictures that I need to get up. I've actually been able to do some things since my mom has been home and the kitchen is finished. I went to a class at my LSS and created this cute mini travel album. I will get pictures of it up soon...I have finished decorating but don't have the pictures in yet because I want to print some more out to put in it. I'm going to create one for all our trips now. It's a nice small reminder of what you did. It can be my journal and scrap album all in one. I'm also getting to work on the mini for my friend who had ovarian cancer. I'll get some pics up when I get some more work done on it. I'm going to meet some ladies tomorrow and work on a few projects.

I also want to have another contest for my return to blogger, youtube, and the scrapping world. I'll post more details later when I get things together.

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  1. Wow you have been so busy it must be stressful.
    I really hope you mom is getting better. I know the stress of looking after a parent.
    Take care. Happy to see you did get some crafty time in though