Sunday, January 23, 2011

A day spent organizing

Today was spent organizing. My mom came over to help me organize the mess that I had going on in the two rooms. It looks a lot better now. She loves organizing things so it's a big help. We talked for a good while about what options we had available to us in terms of storing everything but then we got to talking about hubby and I moving eventually. So that lead us into talking about how we're going to have to stage the house. Long story short we've gone through and just made sure everything has a home the place looked organized. It looks a lot better now. I've got a video that I'll put up later. Eventually though everything will have to go into storage - which makes me sad but if we can sell the house it's definitely worth it. I did have visions of what would I do if the house didn't sell for six months - how would I be able to do my crafting?!?! There was mild panic in my head. I guess I would have to stick to knitting because that doesn't take up as much room.

I'm off to try and go do something crafty.

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