Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a crazy summer

I know it's been a while but things have been crazy around here. It seems that the family has just spent the summer at the doctor's office. I've had to go a couple of times. My husband has had to go a few times and my Grandmom had to have rotator cuff surgery. She then had to be in a pillow sling for 6 weeks - this does not make for a happy Grandmom. She is out of it now and going to physical therapy to regain the use of her shoulder. School has been crazy also but there is a good side. I have one more class and then I am FINISHED!!! I'm so excited about almost being through. It seemed like it would take forever. Another good thing, I passed my Administrator's exam. So I can now be fully licensed as an Administrator. I am not looking to be an administrator right away, maybe somewhere down the road. We start school in a couple of weeks so we're going to try and finally squeeze in a trip to the beach. Then hopefully I can get back to my hobbies, YEAH! I'll have some updates later on.

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