Saturday, February 6, 2010

How it all started...

Hey all,

I am starting up this blog to share my various creations. I got into scrapbooking in late December and love it. Around the same time I also learned to sew. After not really creating anything in a while, because I was in school, I was itching to create. I use to draw, paint, and do photography when I was in high school but once I entered college, I let it all go to the wayside. Now, I'm back and loving it. I have created 5 minis now, and made a few things with the sewing machine. I am hoping to get pictures up soon.

It all really started with me finding one of those discount books on making cards and scrapbook layouts around Christmas time. It seemed really interesting to make your own card and now it has developed into making minis. I love learning new techniques and seeing what various products are out there. I am looking forward to sharing ideas with other people and getting to know all the wonderful people out there that love the same things I do.

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