Friday, February 4, 2011

All packed


I'm going to an all day crop tomorrow at my LSS. I'm very excited! I love going there and getting to see my scrappy friends. I'm all packed and spending time catching up on what is going on in other people's lives. I just checked out Tim Holtz's blog. He's doing a giveaway, go check it out. Did I mention I love his products? Well in case you all didn't know I do. Ha. I'm hoping to stop by a couple of craft stores to check out what they have and to pick up a few supplies. I'm trying to be good though so that I can buy some of TH's new products. I love them! <3<3<3 I'm very excited for them to come out.

My crafting seems to go in phases, I'm either totally consumed and busy or just piddling around but not doing much. I think finally getting those cards finished helped. I'm hoping to get pictures up soon. I've been going to bed too late this week and so then I"m too tired to remember to really do anything. I keep meaning to do stuff around the house and keep forgetting to do them. Whoops. I have signed up for a few local swaps and then for some online crops so I'm hoping to get going on those tomorrow during my crop. I also realized that I have something every sat for the next solid month or so.

Plus, I've started going to two different knitting groups, one is farther away but the people seem really nice. I'm torn between wanting to meet with that group more and it being farther to get there. I have about another 6 inches and then I think I'll be finished with the scarf for my friend. I'm hoping to finish it in the next couple of weeks. The main thing that is going to hold that back is that I'm suppose to host two showers in the same week. I've got the favors for the one shower all finished, unless all of the ladies decide to come, haha. I also decided to make a diaper cake for the baby shower we're throwing for a friend. I wanted to make something useful that they could use later on. I've never made one before so this may be a bad idea but it doesn't look that hard. It might be time consuming having to roll up a bunch of diapers but I'm hoping it turns out nice. Any advice would be appreciated.

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