Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crafting achieved?

Well I went to my LSS to work on projects today since we're out of school due to illness. I was super excited because I convinced one of my friends, that I haven't been able to hang out with a lot, to come also. We had a good time catching up, joking around, and not getting a whole lot accomplished. We did freeze for about half the time due to it being so cold outside and then the heat not really working that well in the room we were in. Brr. Once we got some coffee in our systems we did better. I managed to get the tags cut for the image swap I'm participating in but I just realized I don't have enough to put my TH clasps on. I also cut my finger on the die when I tried to save it from falling - that's what I get for trying to save it. :( I've got to finish my recipe cards so that I can get started on my "Thank You" cards for another swap, and I need to stamp the images on my cards, and mail everything off. All before the end of the month.Whew. Oh yeah, I also have to buy stuff for a color supply swap. Double whew!

Off to rest before I need to get going again.

Thanks for stopping by.

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