Saturday, March 5, 2011


Happy dance, happy dance. I'm so excited. I found the cricut cartridge Kate's ABCs. WOOHOO!!!! Yeah! I decided to go into Joann's really quickly and see if they had the cartridge. I first looked where they keep all the tags that you can take up to the front to redeem the cart but nothing. Then I looked below where they have a small display of carts that are behind glass. It was sitting there in the bottom, just waiting for me. So I rushed up to the front to ask for someone to get it out for me. The lady was nice enough to even let me look at a couple of other carts that were in the case too. I decided to just buy this cart and I couldn't be happier. I paid more for it than I would normally pay for a cart but it is just too perfect. The name, the images, it even has an alphabet. How much better could you get. I think the little girls are so cute and I love the animals. As an added bonus, there's a jar shape that I can use. I've already hidden all of the features that I don't want on the jar, so that it's just a plain jar. Yeah! Anyway, I'm off to go play tomorrow and it's going with me so that we can all play.

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