Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have had a head cold for the past couple of days. It has really wiped me out a few times. Today we got out early, for rain (I mean snow...it had stopped doing this by the time we got to leave), and I promptly went to sleep. It was good we got out early because I felt bad about the last hour of school. I did finally get a tripod. I found a Gorillapod at Walmart - very exciting. I have been wanting to do a tutorial on using the Martha Stewart scoring board but I sound funny because of the cold. I will do one when I am better. Meanwhile, I've been playing with Copics - very fun. I also need to play with the GM more. I did learn that you probably shouldn't spray something that you plan on touching a lot afterwards. Is there some way to set it or seal it? I keep getting glimmer on myself whenever I touch the cover of the mini I'm working on.

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  1. Sorry you feel under the weather. But rest lots, it really does help.
    I have Glimmer Mist on my cutting mat, and I only used GM once.
    Just remember if you stamp first it may bleed if you use GM after.
    Did you check out the blog love I sent you through my blog?