Friday, March 26, 2010

Craziness this week

Oh boy, thank goodness this week is over. It was not easy getting the kids back in the swing of being back in school. It has not been a good week for any of us. Someone also told me that we are going to have a full moon soon, so they'll be extra crazy. I really do think that there is something about a full moon. I've had to deal with kids being mad at me, parents upset about kids grades - not with me thank goodness. I need to remember to stay calm and not let them get to me.

I haven't been able to really do any creating lately though, and I think that has made me cranky because I haven't been able to relax. I'm going to a copic class tomorrow, so I should have my creative juices going tomorrow evening. I'm also planning on checking out some stores while I'm in town. :) I did get to finish the tags for my tag swap on the {Scrap}beach. Check out the video on my YouTube channel.

We're planning on working on the yard tomorrow. My husbands going to seed the yard, I'm going to plant some flowers and we'll both work on spreading topsoil and fertilizer around. Then I can go play. Sunday, I'll need to grade quizzes and start working on the different swaps that I signed up for. If you haven't already you all should stop by "Your Paper Pantry" and join my tag swap.


  1. You did have a busy week.
    I wish I could work in the yard. It is still to cold for me though LOL. It was -16 C and the wind was blowing, plus it snowed a tad today. Why do I live here? I am a summer baby I need warmth.

  2. BLEH!! It didn't get that cold here but it got in the single digits at some point during winter. I like having both but maybe not that cold.