Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yummy, markers

I had such a great time yesterday at the class. I messed up though when I was picking markers with one of the instructors and got a duplicate. I really want to go back and exchange the marker. Maybe today, maybe later this week. I'll post what I created in a little bit.

We finished with our yard. We spread topsoil, mulch and I planted our flowers while my husband seeded and fertilized the yard. It looks awesome. It will also help my husband with mowing because we evened out most of the holes or places where there were roots. He says he shouldn't have to mow for a bout a month so that the grass has a chance to grow. It should look good later on this year.

Now, how to get back to the store.....hehe.


  1. Planting flowers?!?! I woke up to snow on Saturday.

  2. If someone says "oh he/she is your half sibling" I always ask "Oh really which half". I hate the lables, They are my brothers and siste. Can you tell I am kind of passionate about this issue LOL.