Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a crazy few days!

Well the past few days have been full of excitement. My mom had been playing off how sick she was until yesterday. She went to the doctor and was apparently okay until you drank some water and then a few hours later she was in such horrific pain that I had to take her to the emergency room. She should only be about 20 - 30 min. away from the ER but because they closed the bridge down that connects her to the main part of town it took an extra 30 min. to get there. I felt so bad for her but there was no way I was turning around. She was in so much pain that it was making her sick...so once they were able to give her enough pain meds and nausea medicine, she was better and able to eat some ice chips. My grandmom was a trooper yesterday. She had spent most of the day with my mom and was worn out by the time they decided to call me to come take her. She was full of so much nervous energy that she was talking non-stop. Thankfully my husband went with me and was able to distract her some so I could take care of my mom. We spend about 6 or 7 hours at the ER waiting to hear what they were going to do. They finally admitted her, which was for the best because she had a test scheduled anyway in the morning. We went home about 1:30 since we had been waiting an hour or more for them to actually admit her and get her in a room. My husband had taken my grandmom home much earlier. She was worn out.

Well, today my husband and I had to administer the ACT to the juniors at our high school. I was so worn out and tired I thought I was going to fall over at one point during testing. We made it though with no major incidences. Checked in with my mom and they didn't find anything major during her test but they still aren't sure what is causing the pain. She has another test tomorrow, so they kept her again. Which is good because today she was allowed to have a liquid diet. I think she had two milkshakes, some coke, and a lot of water. She said she is dreaming of all the things she wants to eat when she gets out of the hospital. She hasn't been able to really eat anything for the past 5 days. Poor husband is sick to top everything off. I also had to check on the cat today but that takes an extra 20 min. than it should one way to get to the cat. Poor thing is lonely but she is okay.

Needless to say, no extra work was being done by me. My husband was able to contact the people for the play and they said not to worry about the jumper, someone else is going to sew it. I also haven't been able to work on the mini, tags, or atc cards. Oh well, maybe later this week or next week when we are off for spring break. Hopefully things will settle down now.

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  1. Sorry to hear about all the stress in your life right now. Hope everyone gets better fast.
    Slow down and breath. Don't worry about all the other things, family comes first, and this includes you.
    Take care