Monday, March 22, 2010

Finished with first mini swap!

Woohoo! I finished my first mini swap. I really hope that Tracy likes the mini. It was a ton of fun of to make. I will post a video once she receives it. I hope I did everything right in mailing it to her. Hopefully it won't get stuck in customs or somewhere crazy. Now I need to get my tags finished!

We went back to school today so I don't know how much time I will have. Although you would think being on Spring Break I would have been able to play more but my husband and I decided to do some spring cleaning and trying to fix things in the house. I need another week off so that I can do what I was planning on doing ;)

I have been looking for a dress form to use to either hold ribbon or to use as decoration. I have a lead on where to get one so I really want to go look for one but I'm trying to get good. Maybe I'll go around the middle of the week. If I had thought about it I could have gone yesterday when I went to check out the stamps at Big Lots. We'll see how long I hold out, haha.

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  1. Your album is on its way as well. I really hope you like it. I am so nervous.